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Strap on your space marine suit, you’re about to live an amazing experience light years away. Net Ent partnered up with 20th Century Fox to bring to us a magnificiently well designed pokie. Aliens is a science fiction story created by film directors and writers Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett who brought us to the…

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Treasure Island

Pirates, desert islands, buried treasures and seam battles aboard wooden frigates are the stuff of dreams for little boys and even little girls. Treasure Island is anew online pokie by Swedish game developer Quickspin featuring excellent bonuses and quality graphics.  We could assume that it’s loosely based on the best selling novel by 19th century…

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Hitman: the assassin’s pokie Step into the murky universe of powerful shadowy figures and their killer, Agent 47. Hitman is the ultimate death brand; planned, designed and engineered to eliminate. Hitman is an video adventure which enables you to personify the prowess of a cold blooded and extremely efficient assassin who has never stopped popping…

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